Meet The Parents: Why Family Is 'Everything' To Billy Sr. And Christi Busch

Their MTV reality show, 'The Busch Family Brewed,' premieres March 5

No one brings the party like the Busch Family -- and the clan would not be what it is without Billy Busch Sr. (great-grandson of beer king Adolphus Busch) and queen his super-wife Christi.

Before the duo -- along with their 7-pack of kids -- make their MTV debut with The Busch Family Brewed, the matriarch and patriarch (and their offspring) are opening up about their personality traits and core values.

"Family to me is everything," Christi says in the clip below. "It's love, it's support, it's being there for each other."

So who is "the joke" of the family? And who is "the boss"? Watch the introduction videos below to get a taste of this bcrew -- Christi first -- and do not miss the premiere of The Busch Family Brewed on Thursday, March 5 at 9/8c!